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A Cincinnati Company:


When it comes to selecting a roofing or general contracting company, Cincinnati offers you many choices.  How do you decide who you are going to place your trust into?  Sure, you can read reviews and talk to neighbors, but in the home improvement business, no two jobs are ever alike.  Word of mouth is a great source to consider when making your final decision on a contractor, but it should not be the end all be all.


Your intuition and self reliance are among the greatest attributes given to man-kind. Your instinctual "gut" feeling is a very powerful driving force and should not be neglected when it comes to your household. Your home is likely your most valuable asset and we feel you should have only the best working in, and on it.


Why Choose An Established Roofing & Construction Company:


Ohio is a very lenient state when it comes to governing General Contractors & Roofing Companies. Many individuals began "start up" companies during the recession and roofing companies flooded the market.  While this can be a benefit by leading to more competition and ultimately lower prices, it can also be bad.  With new start up companies comes more volatility.  If a roofing company is newer to the market, do you trust your home in their hands?  Do you trust the roofer, or siding, or gutter company will be there when you need them... or just when the wind blows? The Frisby Roofing & Construction family has been around for over 30 years, and is in our second generation of owners... bringing knowledge, skill, experience, integrity, and trust to your project.





What Can Happen if you Choose Just Any Company?

We understand price is among the top leading factors when making a decision to hire a company for your next basement remodel, re-roofing project, or siding job.  Just be aware of some other important factors as well.  For example: The Company's Fiscal Well-Being.  Do you know if the company you hire does not pay the material bill with your funds, the supplier and tradesmen can place a legally binding lien on your property?  This happens all to often in the General Contracting world and it's very saddening to see homeowners face these types of adversities.  You can protect yourself, however!  Do so by hiring a company who is well established, or make sure you draft commencement letters and lien protection documents.


The Company Warranty:


Also take into consideration the company's warranty.  Any roofing company can offer you a "lifetime warranty", but you know a warranty is only as good as the company standing behind it.  It's okay to hire a friend who does this type of work... we're not saying these types of companies are not capable of installing a new roof, or finishing your basement to the standards of your liking and the manufacturer's liking.  However, if your new roof starts to leak, or your new gutters begin to sag and hold ice, are you confident you can reach this person and have them right their wrong?  At Frisby, you're getting the experience of our decades of residential and commercial construction work, the stability of a well established company... knowing where to find us should you ever need us, and at a price competitive and fair among all the competition in the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Dayton Ohio Markets!

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