Gutter Installation in Cincinnati Ohio

Gutter Installation & Replacement in Cincinnati Ohio

Why Are Gutters Important:
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Why Are Gutters Important:

Gutter Installation in Cincinnati Ohio. Your gutters are one of the most important aspects to your home, yet so many of us fail to properly care for our gutter systems. You may ask yourself... why are gutters so important?... or, what purpose do my gutters serve on my home? The answer to these questions all have one common answer. WATER DIRECTION & FLOW CONTROL. If you think about the amount of surface area on our roofs, it doesn't take long to know how fast it can accumulate across that wide surface. As gravity affects rain water and snow, the water naturally flows down your roof and towards the ground. Gutters are essential for redirecting all of this rainwater and controlling the direction, and final exit of water away from your home.

What Do Gutters Do?
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Gutters prevent the rainwater from running off the edge of your roof (also called eaves), and spilling onto the ground below. Water is a very powerful force of nature, and water can quickly carve a path into rock, stone, soil, or any other natural surface. Imagine if this water were to free fall onto the ground, next to your home's foundation. As the soil begins to erode, the water digs a deeper trench at the base of your foundation. This water will continue to run down your basement walls and will quickly erode the earth right from beneath your home. Gutter systems prevent water from running off your roof at the eaves, and channel it into a custom made, typically aluminum, basin where water flow is directed towards downspouts, and then away from your home's foundation.

Continuous Aluminum Gutter

There are many types of gutter systems on the market, but for residential homes, the typical gutter system is made of aluminum. This aluminum was once made off site, then piece milled together on the job sites to form one long channel to control water flow and direction. Modern day technology has allowed our company, and many other local gutter companies, to install Seamless Gutters (Also known as continuous gutters). Seamless gutters are made on site at your home, custom made to the exact measurements of your home. This is a hard concept to grasp if you've never seen gutters installed before, but once you see it, you'll think "what a neat idea!"

Your gutters start off as a flat piece of coil stock metal, which is rolled into a large rolls until ready to be custom made. Here is what this coil stock would look like prior to being installed on your home.

When you are dealing with a gutter contractor, you need to make sure you're comparing like products... if you're obtaining multiple bids or quotes. You are not likely to notice a visual difference in the thickness, so many gutter contracting companies may take shortcuts to save cost for them, and not pass those savings onto you. We make sure every gutter installation job we do, uses only the highest quality and sturdy coil stock, which is .032 gauge aluminum.

Remember, you can save money by using a lesser gauge aluminum gutter, such as .027 or .025, but realize you are sacrificing quality over cost. If you need an easy way to tell the difference between the thickness, you can think of it like this. .025 gauge aluminum will create a visually appealing final product (if professionally done), but will be subject to easy dents and dings. .025 gauge will easily crinkle under the pressure of a ladder, or can even be damaged by pea sized hail, small sticks and debris, or animals jumping onto your roof from a nearby shrub or tree.

.027 is a bit stronger than .025. .027 can usually handle ladders which are properly placed, as well as small debris or even small hail. .027 gauge aluminum can be damaged rather easily by a basketball, or other object striking the gutter system. Finally, .032 gauge. .032 gauge is a heavy duty coil stock which is firm and not easily damaged. It supports a variety of gutter protection systems, weather events, debris, and normal wear and tear. This thickness is always used by our company when installing gutters, unless otherwise discussed. Make sure you ask your gutter installation company which thickness they are using! All gutter contractors should be installing a seamless / continuous gutter system.

We often get asked this question, and the answer is not a 'one size fits all' type of answer. There are several factors to take into consideration before determining which size gutters you should choose.

Factors to consider include:

  • Proper Roof Installation With Proper Overhang of Shingles?
  • Roof Pitch
  • Number of Downspouts
  • Surface Area of Roof
  • Trees or Shrubbery in the Area
  • Total Linear Footage of Gutter Span
  • Gutter Board Size
  • Gutter Apron Installed?
  • Gutter Protection System Installed?
  • Many More Factors...

The above factors are just a few of the numerous variables we take into consideration when recommending gutter size for a homeowner. Typically, it is always better to have a larger gutter system rather than the smaller, so if you're looking for an answer based on other gutter installs we have completed, our company would recommend the installation of 6" (inch) gutters, rather than the standard 5" (inch) gutters. We will always guide you in the proper direction regardless of the situation.

Gutter systems are not hard to install, but you must know what you are doing. Just like anything in life, anything can be done 1000 ways, but there is only ONE right way. This is especially important when it comes to gutter installation. There are so many factors to consider when hanging gutters, it is essential to have a trusted gutter professional on your job site at all times. Simple mistakes like improperly pitching your gutters, can lead to thousands of dollars of costly repairs down the road. If water does not properly flow and drain, you may have ice dams in the winter, or rotting of fascia board, soffits, roof deck, or even interior leaks. Please hire a professional gutter installation company, and do not always go for the cheapest price.gutter repair cincinnati

This question depends on the gutter company / contractor you decide to hire. Because the metal is only three different thicknesses, there is a manufacturer's warranty on your gutters. This means you have to ask the installation company what their warranty is, because they are the only ones who will be providing you with a warranty. We offer a 20 year warranty on most of our gutter systems. We will be happy to discuss any warranty questions with you in person. Residential gutters

This is a service we proudly offer. Typically, gutter cleanings usually cost about $.79 cents per foot, depending on several factors, such as the accessibility to the gutters, height of gutters, and amount of gutter debris. We believe in treating people fairly, so if you need your gutters cleaned, fill out the form above or call us now! Commercial gutter liners

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