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Siding Contractors in Cincinnati Ohio

Siding Installation by Frisby Roofing & Construction
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Siding Installation by Frisby Roofing & Construction

Siding Contractors in Cincinnati Ohio and dedicated to competitive pricing, quality control, and satisfaction. Nothing changes when it comes to the siding trade. Siding is not only aesthetics, although it is what makes your home have character. Siding is what sets you apart from your neighbors. Siding can be the difference between a good home, and a great home!

We ask for you to trust our family owned company. Know that we have done our due diligence in seeking out only the best products, and would never put anything on your home which we wouldn't feel comfortable using on our own homes. We too live in Cincinnati, Ohio; and understand you are not only our customer. but you're also our neighbor. Siding contractors cincinnati

Small communities like Milford, Loveland, Goshen, Amelia, Batavia, Anderson, Mason, and all the other countless suburbs of Cincinnati, are our service areas. We ensure the best products are being installed by Frisby Roofing and Construction because we travel through your neighborhoods every single day and WE CARE!

See Your Siding, Roof, And Trim Before You Buy!

Our distributor has given us access to a wonderful program in which you can 'See The Difference! You can actually see what your home will look like. before even picking a product or color. It's this type of customer service that we enjoy offering to our customers. We want you to be empowered when making a decision on your next siding project, or roof project, or window project. Home improvement, Storm damage, Replacement windows, Vinyl siding, Titan siding, High quality home builders

Siding - Frequently Asked Questions

Spending the extra time and money to remove the current shingles is always the best advice, and any company who recommends re-roofing existing shingles should be thoroughly checked into.

Many roofing contractors may only use 3 - 4 nails. It is important to ensure this does not happen. If a contractor tells you they plan to nail each shingle with only 3 or 4 nails, it is wise to stay away from this builder. It is the industry standard (And a Requirement for many Shingle Manufacturers to maintain their Warranty) to install 5 nails per each of the shingles. This should be common knowledge to all roofing contractors who provide a quality product.

Want to take it a step further? Ask about our ring shank nails which ensures once the nail goes into the roof deck, getting it out will prove to be extremely difficult! Frisby Roofing has ring shank nails available to be used during your roofing project. Although these nails prove to be a considerable amount more in cost, just remember the saying, "you get what you pay for!" Ask us to include "Ring Shank Nails" in our bid for you and we will!

Nailing shingles is not a skill quickly perfected. It takes precision and accuracy to make sure proper nail placement when shooting nails into the shingles. Did you know there is only approximately 3/4" margin of error while nailing shingles to a roof? Do you know the cause and effect on your roof's quality when comparing a roof properly nailed next to a roof with multiple high or low nails? The results are astounding. We encourage you to look at the photographs below to educate yourself on proper nail placement.

Why do we provide all of this information to you? Simple. We know our crews take the time to properly install our roofs. Since we pay our crews more in labor, you get a better product. Knowing the difference between Frisby Roofing and any other Cincinnati Roofing Contractor is important to us. Please take this into consideration before making your selection of qualified roofing contractors!

Box vents are the older technology of ventilating your roof, and although effective, it does not compare to the newer style of Shingle Over Ridge Ventilation. We will always propose to remove all existing box vents and install new plywood roof deck & cover up these areas with shingles as we complete the installation process of your new roof. In lieu of box vents, (should you choose this feature) we will cut a 2" gap from the peak of each roof facet, called the “Ridge”. We then install Omni Roll over the new cut, and finish it off with a ridge cap shingle giving it a very low profile, stream line, professional, water-tight look.

The benefits you may ask? Here is how it works:

As hot air rises in your attic, it draws the cool air in from the soffit vents, which are typically in place below your gutters. With the old box vent technology, this hot air has to find each of those box vents sporadically located throughout your roof. The new technology allows for one wide, quick sweeping motion of good air replacing bad air. Even after installing an upgraded ventilation system, it is equally important to ensure any gable vents are closed off from the inside with the new system. If they are not, the airflow vortex is disrupted and the air circulation only flows in through the gable vent and out the new shingle over ridge vent, rendering your soffit vents virtually useless. This will result in bad, stagnated air sitting in your attic and VOID every shingle manufacturer warranty on the market.

This in turn increases your heating and cooling of your home, drastically reduces the life of your new roof, and causes expansion and contraction of the shingles resulting in damages and blistering not covered by your homeowner’s insurance, or shingle manufacturer warranties. Be sure your roofing contractor can confidently answer all your ventilation questions now that you are armed with this knowledge. If they try to tell you otherwise, this may be a good indication to do a little more research on this company. DO NOT let a roofing contractor convince you it is okay to leave your existing gable vents functional if they are installing new shingle over ridge vent, and you have the adequate soffit vent openings.

It is always a good idea to replace the rubber rings that go around all existing pipe jacks (the pipe which allows your bathrooms to properly function and vent) Even if you do not choose us as your contractor, Insist and ensure your roof contractor includes new rubber flashings around the pipe jacks. This is one area that is easily prone to leaks and should not be overlooked by your roofing contractor. The cost associated with replacement of these rubber rings are minimal and should not be neglected during a re-roofing project. Be sure small details like this are specified on all roofing quotes!

Frisby Roofing will paint all pipes and metal visible on your roof so that it matches your new roof. There is nothing more frustrating than to see a brand new roof installed and nothing painted to match the new shingle color. This is a common oversight with many roofing contractors which is immediately seen by homeowners. When brought up, this often becomes "an additional work order." Be sure to get this in writing up front like we are providing you. If you hire us, know that details like these will be covered in your quote and will be a part of our initial bid, as our best foot forward first.

We do not know ANY COMPANY in the industry that will offer you a TRANSFERABLE LIFETIME WARRANTY on labor and material. What a great selling point this could be if you’re ever in the market to sell your home, or just want peace of mind yourself.

Remember; a warranty is only as good as the company behind it. Anyone can offer a “lifetime” warranty, but what happens if you actually need to utilize the warranty. Did you know we have been in business for over 25 years, have three Locations; and our phones are answered by a LIVE PERSON 24 hours a day, 365 days a year? Take this fact into consideration when looking at warranties. If our estimate is a little higher, it’s not because we are trying to price gouge homeowners. In fact, we think just the opposite. We too are a family who pays the mortgage on our homes, make payments on our cars, and use services of other companies just like you are considering with us. We Operate on Christian Based Principles & Try to Treat Others as we Wish to be Treated Ourselves.

So if our estimate is higher, it’s because we are incurring higher costs to ensure your new roof is installed exactly the way we are proposing to meet our quality expectations for you. If you remember one thing from anything you’ve read from our proposal, please remember this quote; “Quality does not cost… It Pays!”

Have confidence knowing that we are putting only the best of products on your home. We do not want to be called back to repair improperly installed shingles; so rest assured our job is finished correct the first time. Also be sure that if something does not go as anticipated, or an issue arises by fault of our own, we will fix it! It is not an easy task to maintain an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau. There is a significant difference in A+ Rated companies from A Rated Companies. This accomplishment is something Frisby Roofing & Construction is extremely proud of, and is another reason we ask you to hire us for your next roofing project.

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